Open Source Open for Business

Open Source Open for Business

The Open Core Summit takes place this week with dialogue on the intersection of open source software and commercial businesses.

Several items crossed my Twitter stream in the last few days. I’m putting them here to not lose track.

First was this article in TechRepublic by Matt Asay detailing how security now tops the lists of reasons organizations are choosing open source.

Next up was a list originally from 2013 and maintained by Joseph Jacks, founder of the Open Core Summit. The list includes companies achieving at least $100 million in annual recurring revenue depending largely on a singular open source core.

Commercial open source software companies.

Joseph Jacks tweeted the following stats based on the list, “Key COSS category stats from the aforementioned $100M~ revenue COSS co. index:”

The third piece is from Chang Xu at Basis Set Ventures, who wrote a post, All That Glitters (Like Stars) Is Not Gold: Metrics that matter when commercializing open source.

Chang includes plenty of cool charts such as this one depicting the Basis Set Open Source Index — available via an Airtable link.

More to come.

For things I missed ping me on Twitter @garyorenstein



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